R-ArcGIS Bridge

The R-ArcGIS Bridge is a suite of R packages designed to integrate the ArcGIS into the R ecosystem. I have developed a (growing) number of R packages to integrate ArcGIS location and data services to the R community. They are written in Rust and in R.

See the R-ArcGIS Bridge website for more detailed documentation.

I have built

  • {arcgisutils}: provides authentication, custom json serialization (written in Rust) and parsing, and other developer oriented utilities.
  • {arcgislayers}: read and write data in ArcGIS data services such as ArcGIS Online, Enterprise, Platform, and Hub.
  • {arcgisgeocode}: Rust based R package that interfaces to the ArcGIS World Geocoding service. Possibly the fastest geocoding client in the R ecosystem.
  • {arcgisplaces}: Rust based R package built upon serde_esri to interact with the ArcGIS Places Service
  • {arcpbf}: Rust based R package to process protocol buffers from ArcGIS Feature Services. This results in a dramatically faster parsing time than processing JSON.