YouTube Videos & what not


Josiah Parry


November 23, 2022


Please vote or post a comment in this discuss on what would be helpful for you.

I first made R programming videos when I had the opportunity to teach a remote and asynchronous course called Big Data for Cities. I used the videos as alternative learning material besides a text-book and other required readings.

I just recently noticed that my video Making your R Markdown Pretty has 16 thousand views. I never thought it would reach that many people! So, if I’ve helped even 0.1% of those people it will have been worth it.

I’ve started to record some more videos on spatial analaysis in R. I think the spatial anlaysis / statistics videos on youtube are lacking in diversity—with the noteable exception of @GeostatsGuyLectures but he’s more of a environmental scientist :) I will note, though, that the lectures of Luc Anselin are one of the only reason why I am where I am in my knowledge and abilities.

The thing about Anselin’s videos, though, is that they are not about the how of doing it. But they focus more on the theory and the math that sits behind the statistics themselves.

I ask you!

What do you want to see? What is actually helpful? I’m sure me stumbling and mumbling for 18 minutes on spatial lags can’t be too helpful.

Please vote or leave a comment in this discussion.