Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis in R


Josiah Parry


April 28, 2022

About the Talk

Geospatial data is becoming increasingly common across domains and industries. Spatial data is no longer only in the hands of soil scientists, meteorologists, and criminologists, but in marketing, retail, finance, etc. It is common for spatial data to be treated as any other tabular data set. However, there is information to be drawn from our data’s relation to space. The standard exploratory data analysis toolkit will not always suffice. In this talk I introduce the basics of exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA) and the {sfdep} package. {sfdep} builds on the shoulders of {spdep} for spatial dependence, emphasizes the use of simple features and the {sf} package, and integrates within your tidyverse-centric workflow. By the end of this talk users will understand the basics of ESDA and know how to start incorporating these skills in their own work.