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Excel in prod

or how to incorporate excel into a production API using plumber or, a micro-excel-micro-service.

R Security Concerns and 2019 CRAN downloads

The number of downloads that a package has can tell us a number of things.

Non-interactive user tokens with googlesheets4

This repository contains an example of an R Markdown document that uses googlesheets4 to read from a private Google Sheet and is deployed to RStudio Connect.

Google Trends for Campaigns

Over the past few years we have seen Google Trends becoming quite ubiquitous in politics.

Web-scraping for Campaigns

As the primaries approach, I am experiencing a mix of angst, FOMO, and excitement.

Introducing trendyy

trendyy is a package for querying Google Trends. It is build around Philippe Massicotte’s package gtrendsR which accesses this data wonderfully.

genius tutorial

Introducing genius You want to start analysing song lyrics, where do you go?

genius Plumber API

get started here Since I created genius, I’ve wanted to make a version for python.

xgboost feature importance

This post will go over extracting feature (variable) importance and creating a function for creating a ggplot object for it.

[Not so] generic functions

The Jargon The Generic Method The Default Method sf method tbl_graph method Review (tl;dr) Lately I have been doing more of my spatial analysis work in R with the help of the sf package.

Chunking your csv

Sometimes due to limitations of software, file uploads often have a row limit.

Reading Multiple csvs as 1 data frame

In an earlier posting I wrote about having to break a single csv into multiple csvs.

Coursera R-Programming: Week 2 Problems

Over the past several weeks I have been helping students, career professionals, and people of other backgrounds learn R.