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Make your R scripts Databricks notebooks

I’ve never had a good reason to deviate from the canonical .

Excel in prod

or how to incorporate excel into a production API using plumber or, a micro-excel-micro-service.

R Security Concerns and 2019 CRAN downloads

The number of downloads that a package has can tell us a number of things.

Non-interactive user tokens with googlesheets4

This repository contains an example of an R Markdown document that uses googlesheets4 to read from a private Google Sheet and is deployed to RStudio Connect.

Google Trends for Campaigns

Over the past few years we have seen Google Trends becoming quite ubiquitous in politics.

Web-scraping for Campaigns

As the primaries approach, I am experiencing a mix of angst, FOMO, and excitement.

Introducing trendyy

trendyy is a package for querying Google Trends. It is build around Philippe Massicotte’s package gtrendsR which accesses this data wonderfully.

genius Plumber API

get started here Since I created genius, I’ve wanted to make a version for python.

xgboost feature importance

This post will go over extracting feature (variable) importance and creating a function for creating a ggplot object for it.

[Not so] generic functions

The Jargon The Generic Method The Default Method sf method tbl_graph method Review (tl;dr) Lately I have been doing more of my spatial analysis work in R with the help of the sf package.

Chunking your csv

Sometimes due to limitations of software, file uploads often have a row limit.

Reading Multiple csvs as 1 data frame

In an earlier posting I wrote about having to break a single csv into multiple csvs.

Coursera R-Programming: Week 2 Problems

Over the past several weeks I have been helping students, career professionals, and people of other backgrounds learn R.