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The Fallacy of one person, one vote

On October 6, 2018, the US Senate voted 50–48 in favor of the appointment of Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This led many pundits to point out a “disconnect” between the Senate and the body politic. The 50 senators who voted “yea” represent only 44% of the nation’s population. The year prior, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by 54 senators representing approximately 45% of the population.

Introducing: Letters to a layperson

I have been in the world of academia for nearly five years now. During this time I’ve read countless scholarly journal articles that I’ve struggled to wrap my head around. The academic language is riddled with obfuscating words like “milieux” and “nexus” which are often used to explain relatively simple concepts in a not so simple language. I’ve had to train myself to understand the academic language and translate it to regular people (layperson) speak.