US Representation: Part I

Before the United States created the Constitution, something called the Articles of Confederation defined what the US Government would look like. It was the first attempt at creating some sort of agreement between the 13 original states to form a central government. In the end, the Articles of Confederation made the new central government too weak to accomplish anything. Then, in 1787 representatives from each state met in Philadelphia to entirely scrap the Articles of Confederation in a meeting that became known as the Constitutional Convention.

Introducing: Letters to a layperson

I have been in the world of academia for nearly five years now. During this time I’ve read countless scholarly journal articles that I’ve struggled to wrap my head around. The academic language is riddled with obfuscating words like “milieux” and “nexus” which are often used to explain relatively simple concepts in a not so simple language. I’ve had to train myself to understand the academic language and translate it to regular people (layperson) speak.

Letters to a layperson

Educating myself on things I really ought to know by now in language I can understand.